Inspired by the fire, metals and leathers of the Mediterranean. Presenting the unprecedented, the most exquisite golden pair. Pure gold has the unique ability to attract people all over the world.

The founder of Investi Design was searching for high end sneakers that would not hurt his feet after a couple hours of wearing them. He found it to be a challenge to find high quality and comfortable sneakers. In the end the founder of the company decided, after a long search with many disappointments, to design and develop his own high end sneakers that are comfortable even after a long day of wearing. In 2017 he made a sketch of the G1 model out of love for footwear and precious metals. The design of the G1 model is based on the physical characteristics of 24 karat pure gold. After 4 years Investi Design came to life and Investi is the redesign of perpetual luxury through pure gold, art and history.

The charisma of pure gold. Its resplendent shine and allure. The indestructible nature makes it astonishing. For ancient cultures gold was an element of purity and perpetual luxury. Gold is a part of every human culture, its symbol is Aurum and atomic number is 79.

The love starts somewhere in the 80s. The art of fashion designing, pattern making and sketching was a family business. As a child, the founder played between rolls of fabric and frequently spended time in ateliers. From then on, fashion attracted all his attention.

Pure gold with the best quality Italian leathers and exquisite Italian craftsmanship is the result of inimitable artistry. Investi footwear is designed in Amsterdam and handcrafted in Italy by the best Italian artisans. Our gold is made of the highest quality, it is innovative and conflict-free. Leathers and components are sourced from Italian tanneries and suppliers. 


Our Team


We are a modern company with a fascinating way of operating. It is the meeting place for creative minds with audacious ideas where we are pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our innovative touch is not only seen in the design of our products, but also who we are as a team.
We know like pure gold, our employees are also a precious element. As a team our loyalty and dedication consists of an adventurous story. To achieve and maintain this, we invest a lot of time in sports which is now an integral part of Investi Design culture. We encourage all of our employees to practice a sport, especially martial arts. Practicing martial arts is a good way for the team to harness their creativity, but also to achieve the sense of balance between strength, knowledge and discipline. All of our employees and founder are practicing martial artists. We firmly believe that a creative body is a creative mind.