We are a modern company with a fascinating way of operating. It is the meeting place for creative minds with audacious ideas where we are pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our innovative touch is not only seen in the design of our products, but also who we are as a team.
We know like pure gold, our employees are also a precious element. As a team our loyalty and dedication consists of an adventurous story. To achieve and maintain this, we invest a lot of time in sports which is now an integral part of Investi Design culture. We encourage all of our employees to practice a sport, especially martial arts. Practicing martial arts is a good way for the team to harness their creativity, but also to achieve the sense of balance between strength, knowledge and discipline. All of our employees and founder are practicing martial artists. We firmly believe that a creative body is a creative mind.
Are you looking for an exciting new path. Is your goal to achieve your best. We offer a wide range of careers at Investi Design. We look for hard-working team players who are responsible, creative, able to compete when faced with a challenge and have a flawless attention for detail. If you are ready to take your career to the next level, Investi Design supports your ambitions, invests in your future and rewards your commitment to helping us achieve greatness. You will become immersed in our inclusive culture. We provide many opportunities to develop and grow your potential. Do you think you should be a part of our team, send your resume and motivation letter to