Maturation, maceration and Ultrasound Technology


Our parfums undergo a maturation and maceration process before being bottled. Maturation is the ripening time of our natural extracts without alcohol solution. Maceration is the aging time of our natural extracts with alcohol solution. The maturation and maceration time is a crucial step in our production process, the precious natural extracts and alcohol blend in a specific method to create a stronger and longer lasting fragrance that will deliver a tremendously complex olfactive experience on the skin.


Ultrasonic assisted extraction:

  • shorter extraction time
  • low temperature extraction
  • lower solvent extraction
  • waste valuation
  • green chemistry
  • gentle extraction
  • better preserving its olfactive profiles and properties

Which results in very pure, unique and richer olfactive profiles

No synthetics or hexane used - 100% precious natural extracts


MADE IN FRANCE at L’Atelier Français des Matières

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