Corporate Social Responsibility



Investi Design is investing for a better world, the environment, fairness, respect, equality and safety of every living being are paramount.

We aim to be a force for good in the world. Teaming up with our suppliers to make a positive difference for all living beings, for our globe and to the communities we operate in. Our materials are sourced first and foremost with quality and responsibility in mind. 

Managing the environmental impact of business operations is a vital element. To achieve this we carefully choose our suppliers and assuring conflict-free gold. We are dedicated to the moral principles of business practice and acknowledge the dignity of every living being, including the responsible sourcing of conflict minerals. We trust that our suppliers share this allegiance. We have this policy to encourage our suppliers to respect human rights and source products in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is divided into four categories:

Our World:

Emphasizing on all activities of our business practice and supply chain to reduce environmental impact.

Our Community:

Fuelling our creative vision by diversity, inclusion and equilibrium. We believe that this is important for all of our employees on the workplace and the outcome of our efforts. 

Our Philanthropy:

Serving the society by sharing our positivity, talents, knowledge and success to those in need around the globe. Supporting the future of creativity, health initiatives and funding educational programs. 

Our Economic Responsibility:

Our financial decisions are made to positively impact the environment, people and society. All of our manufacturing processes are aimed to minimize wastage.