Not torturing, but extracting raw materials in a gentler way with ultrasound extraction technology. We have made it an art to gently capture emotions in a bottle.


Manufactured in L’Atelier Français Des Matières. Using our partner company’s Lab ingredient palette, composed of more than 450 natural extracts, including 35 exclusive natural extracts, labeled as ‘Grand Crus’.

‘Grand Crus’ parameters:

  • sourcing non standard and unique vintage crops
  • plant pre-treatment prior to extraction, which results in very pure, unique and richer olfactive profiles
  • ultrasound extraction technology, in-house innovative and green plant extraction to better capture what nature offers. Plant extraction in a softer way, shorter time and at lower temperature, better preserving its olfactive profile and properties


Born from a reality of combat

Raw performance

Footwear that keeps its grip on when things get slippery


Fusing sophisticated materials and style with raw performance

1000 kilometers

Tested for you over 1000 kilometers for comfort and stability

Swarovski crystals

An exquisite accessory for a remarkable footwear collection

Mélange of opulent design and exacting precision

While working in nightlife, security and personal protection, he realized the importance of reliable footwear. Footwear that keeps its grip when things get slippery.

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