The Founder




Ahmet Sahin, the founder of Investi is a certified perfumer, as well as a former bouncer, Krav Maga, and weapons expert. Sahin trains, amongst others, private security and former special ops in urban combat warfare. Ahmet also trains civilians from five years to sixty-five years old in self-defense. In addition to training others, Sahin hones his own skills in the art of perfumery every day. A daily training is not only necessary, but indispensable for an olfactory memory.


Having immersed himself in the world of perfumery for over a decade, Sahin has nurtured a persistent desire to cultivate his very own fragrance, one that promises a daring olfactory journey. These fragrances are crafted for individuals who embrace the thrill of life's risks. Every scent is meticulously crafted to transport you to a world of thrilling adventure. Our fragrances are 100% natural and made with the most premium ingredients on the market. 


As a perfume and sneaker collector in his teens, Ahmet Sahin never lost his passion for style when growing up. While working in nightlife, security, and personal protection, he realized the importance of reliable footwear. Footwear that keeps its grip on when things get slippery.  


The heart of the sole and the heart of the brand feature the color blaze orange. Blaze orange is also the color worn by hunters in the US that symbolizes a future free of gun violence. Exactly because of his professional track record in weapons training, Sahin believes in safety for citizens.


Investi endorses therefore, Wear Orange. The heart of the brand is a tribute to those who contribute to a safer world.