The Founder



What does a luxury brand designed with military precision look like?


Since he was a young boy, Ahmet Sahin developed a love for fashion. There is no question that part of the reason for this is the fact that his family worked in the fashion industry. However, due to his obesity, he had difficulty finding suitable clothes that fit him. At the age of 20 years old, he began exercising by doing a combination of strength training, cardio as well as martial arts. After losing 60 kg, he volunteered to help people with their diet, training, and weight loss, as he continues to do today.


The love for fashion starts somewhere in the 80s. The art of fashion designing, pattern making and sketching was a family business. As a child, the founder played between rolls of fabric and frequently spended time in ateliers. From then on, fashion attracted all his attention.


Now he is recognized as a combat expert and has been teaching contact combat "Krav Maga in Hebrew" for more than ten years to Law Enforcement, Military, VIP Bodyguards and Civilians. His goal in the sports world has been accomplished and he is now at the top of his field. Having achieved this, he now has more time to concentrate on his other passion, fashion. He does this with the same precision, energy, and care which he uses in his role as a combat expert, analyst and mindset coach.